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We Help Clients Understand Separation Agreements

In North Carolina, couples looking to divorce must be physically separated for at least a year. Although separation agreements are not required, they provide structured, clear guidelines and can formalize numerous aspects of the separation and pending divorce that are wise to address sooner rather than later.

Helping You Keep An Open Mind

Everyone understands that the time leading to divorce can be incredibly challenging. At Scott Law Group, we help individuals and couples in the Winston-Salem area and throughout North Carolina draft intelligent, comprehensive separation agreements that address all aspects of the marriage and eventual divorce, including:

  • Marital debts and assets
  • Alimony (spousal support)
  • Child custody, visitation and support
  • Insurance
  • Tax issues

Similar to a contract, your agreement will outline the various rights, duties and other obligations of your separation. With a clear idea of what to expect, you can avoid future issues involving everything from support payments and child custody schedules to who gets to keep the family pets.

In some cases, one spouse will work with a lawyer to draft a separation agreement and ask the other to agree. In other instances, both parties may work together to create the agreement. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s wise to have your own attorney representing you during negotiations, mediation, or when reviewing an agreement that was drafted by your spouse.

Let’s Talk About Legal Separation

At Scott Law Group, we have been helping people in Forsyth County and statewide with family law issues since 1999. We know firsthand how difficult it is to balance the emotional issues with the legal realities of the situation. By working together, we are confident that we can guide you toward a timely and effective solution.

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