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Understanding The Effects Of Domestic Violence Issues In Divorce And Custody

Accusations of domestic violence are always serious, but in North Carolina, they take on a different dynamic when those involved in the dispute are pursuing a divorce or have children together. More than just a criminal matter, there are also family law implications that can have a significant impact on the division of assets (including the home), child custody and visitation, as well as other aspects of your divorce or separation.

Scott Law Group handles domestic violence and related family matters in the Winston-Salem metro area and throughout North Carolina.

We Understand Both Criminal And Family Law Aspects Of Domestic Violence

Whether you have suffered abuse, neglect or another form of domestic violence, or you are at the receiving end of accusations, our team at Scott Law Group, is prepared to provide you with the counsel and representation necessary to protect your rights, safety and interests.

Perhaps your spouse or partner has abused you physically, verbally or emotionally. Or you were simply having a verbal disagreement and someone called the police. Whatever the circumstances, we can help you take appropriate action by filing for a restraining order (order for protection) or protecting your rights and reputation against accusations of abuse. Furthermore, we will outline the effects domestic violence may have on your family law proceedings.

Some common issues include:

  • Alimony and determining how much you receive or how much you pay
  • Child custody and visitation schedules, including being denied access to your children
  • Property division, including access to the family home

As your lawyers, we want to ensure you are well-protected. If your spouse or partner has abused you, your children or another person in your home, we can help you speak up while using the law to protect those most important to you. On the other side of these matters, we know that in some cases, false accusations of violence or abuse may be thrown around to gain favor during divorce.

Whatever the circumstances, we are here to support you. We will listen to your side of the story and aggressively represent your interests.

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