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Substance seized in North Carolina drug bust was sugar

It turns out that a substance seized in a July raid wasn't what North Carolina law enforcement officers thought it was. This summer, agents who work for the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office seized 13 pounds of what they thought was fentanyl. The sheriff touted this as "one of the largest seizures" of the deadly opioid in the state. This much fentanyl would have a street value of over $2 million.

Heroin, marijuana and drug paraphernalia were also allegedly found at the scene and seized. Three people were arrested.

Why Greek life too often leads to drug problems for college kids

If your child is hoping to join a fraternity or sorority this year, they're more likely to be around drugs and alcohol than if they didn't become part of Greek life. They may start out "just" drinking, but excessive drinking often leads to taking drugs and doing other risky things a young person would never consider while sober.

College students in sororities and fraternities are more likely to use drugs, binge drink and engage in other high-risk behavior than their "non-Greek" peers. However, young men in fraternities are more likely to do so than sorority women. Often, the level of peer pressure is higher. White college men are most at risk, statistically, of engaging in dangerous drug and alcohol use and having substance abuse problems.

Supporting your kids in the new school year as divorced parents

If this is your kids' first fall back at school since your separation or divorce, or if they're starting a new school this year, it's essential for you and your co-parent to have a plan in place. Your plan should include things like how you'll handle drop-offs and pick-ups, homework assignments and projects, school lunches, field trips, parent-teacher conferences and more.

If you're sharing custody, you'll both have some involvement in your kids' school activities. Despite your differences with one another, it's essential to work together to give your kids the support they need to succeed and thrive at school -- both academically and socially.

Have you run into legal problems on campus related to drugs?

North Carolina colleges are busy places with people from different backgrounds living alongside one another, each striving to accomplish personal goals. Perhaps you've forged several new friendships since settling in on campus. There are likely a lot of different types of activities to keep you busy in your free time as well.

Everyone knows that partying is a common event on most college grounds. If you are 21 or older, there's no reason (unless a judge has ruled otherwise) you can't enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two with friends, providing they are also age 21 or beyond. However, there are also a lot of drugs circulating on college campuses in North Carolina.

Why older kids should have a say in their living arrangements

When couples with young children divorce, they often work out a joint custody agreement that allows both of them to have time with their kids and be involved in their lives.

As kids enter the teen years, however, their lives change significantly. They often become involved in multiple extracurricular activities. Their school workload increases. They spend more time with friends. The living arrangement where they regularly move every few days or weekly between their parents' homes may become inconvenient for them.

Don't let unconscious bias lead to a discrimination lawsuit

You've recently started a business. Things are looking promising. You will soon need to hire more people to help keep up with your success and plans for growth. You'll likely also be promoting people who have been with you from the start to more senior positions with greater responsibility. The last thing you need is an accusation of discrimination in your employment decisions.

That couldn't happen to you. You're an open-minded person. You hire and promote the best people for the job, with no other considerations. So do the people you trust to help handle the human resources aspect of your business. At least, that's what you believe.

What might make a non-disclosure agreement unenforceable?

Businesses often require employees and others who work for them, such as independent contractors, to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). They can protect information about the company, including trade secrets and other intellectual property, from getting into the hands of those who could profit from it or use it to hurt the business and its owners.

The power of an NDA, when properly drafted by the disclosing party, is that if a person who signed it (the receiving party) violates it, they can be held liable and potentially have to pay a significant amount of money in damages.

What needs to be addressed in a long-distance parenting plan?

When you and your co-parent divorced, you both continued to live in Winston-Salem area, so exchanges were relatively easy. Now your former spouse has accepted a job a thousand miles away.

Your co-parent won't be able to see the kids as often, but you both want your children to have as much time with their other parent as possible. You'll need to modify your original parenting plan to reflect the new geographical situation. Following are some things you will likely need to address.

Mediation is a peaceful option for divorce

Like many North Carolina couples who are considering divorce, you probably have enough conflict in your life right now. It is likely you and your spouse are not getting along, but you are also dealing with your parents, in-laws, mutual friends and even your children who are giving you grief about the end of your marriage. Anticipating a long, difficult legal battle is not an appealing prospect.

Fortunately, there are more civil ways of dissolving a marriage, and mediation is among the most popular and effective. Through mediation, you and your spouse can arrive at fair and satisfying resolutions to your conflicts without the pain and divisiveness of a trial.

What does a non-custodial parent's visitation schedule look like?

If your co-parent is getting sole custody of your children and you have visitation rights, it's essential to craft a visitation schedule that allows you and your kids to forge a healthy relationship as they grow up even though you won't be part of their everyday lives.

Putting a parenting plan in place with the court helps both parents and kids plan their lives and develop a routine. Consistency is critical for kids after their parents split. The more details you put in writing, including not just the schedule, but drop-off and pick-up specifications and expectations for when the children are visiting, the more smoothly things will go.

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