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Our Success Stories

Scott Law Group serves the Winston-Salem area and clients throughout North Carolina. Below are some of our notable results on behalf of clients.

Disclaimer: The facts and/or circumstances of each case result are different just as each case is different– each must be evaluated upon its own unique circumstances and facts. The case results below are not necessarily representative in all cases.

Family Law

Mother Gets Full Custody after Case Reversed in the NC Court of Appeals 


Our firm represented a distraught mother in a case against paternal grandparents who were seeking visitation with her two children. At the trial court level, the Grandparents were awarded visitation. Concerned about our client’s relationship with her children, we appealed the ruling to the North Carolina Court of Appeals where the decision to award visitation to the Grandparents was reversed. As a result, our client was elated that full custody of her children were restored.  Today, this precedent case result is published by the Court of Appeals—and now a binding law across North Carolina to be followed by judges and attorneys in all 100 counties.

Father Obtains Permanent Joint Custody of His Two Children After Mother Misrepresents Him to the Courts 


Attorney Scott represented a father seeking child custody case of his young daughter. In an unfair and inappropriate attempt to gain custody of the child, the mother took out a phony domestic violence restraining order in a court of a foreign jurisdiction against our client. While obtaining the false restraining order, the mother was also pregnant with the client’s second child thus granting her emergency custody of the first child. With perseverance and with a no-nonsense attitude, we successfully had the restraining order dismissed and the custody issue transferred to the proper jurisdiction for a fair trial. This case continued to be heart wrenching for us all as the mother denied our client the opportunity to be present for the birth of their second child and withheld visitation of said child from our client. This necessitated our firm to file suit for the second child. After filing several motions, we successfully won in the client being granted permanent, joint 50/50 legal and physical custody of both children. Our goal is to see that each parent has a relationship with their child, where the law allows.


Criminal Law

Not Guilty of All Charges


State of North Carolina v. M.T.: Our firm represented client charged with felony assault by strangulation and assault on a female. Our startled client was facing up to 39 months in prison if found guilty. Following a lengthy trial in which the prosecuting witness and police officer both testified against our client, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty to all charges.

Case Taken to Jury Trail, and Won


Our firm represented a client who was charged with numerous drug-related offenses following the execution of a search warrant at their residence. The client had several prior felony convictions and was already in his 60’s at the time the case went to trial. Because of his prior record, our client was facing a habitual felon status. If convicted, our client could have received a life sentence in prison. Scott Law Group took the case to a jury trial and won a dismissal of all charges at the close of the state’s evidence, which is generally considered the most difficult outcome to achieve in a criminal trial.

Personal Injury

Struck by a Negligent Driver


Our firm represented a kind elderly woman who was involved in an extremely serious car accident where she suffered multiple rib fractures and a spinal compression fracture. This client had been struck by a negligent driver. After much diligence, our firm recovered a six-figure settlement on behalf of client and received the maximum allowable payout by the inattentive driver’s insurance company and client’s insurance company.

Wrongful Death Settlement


Scott Law Group represented the estate of a father of two who was killed in a head-on crash with a semi-truck on US-52 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. An action for wrongful death was filed by his distraught family following this horrific crash. Following a mediated settlement conference, Scott Law Group was successfully able to recover a settlement of $700,000 on behalf of the victim’s estate.

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