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What To Think About When Dating While Separated

Last updated on June 1, 2022

For some couples, a legal separation marks the end of their romantic relationship. In these cases, one or both spouses may feel ready to start dating someone new. However, this is rarely easy.

At the family law firm of Scott Law Group, we have guided numerous people in the Winston-Salem area throughout North Carolina through their separations and divorces. We understand firsthand the impact that dating while separate can have on clients’ cases.

These are several important things to consider when entering a relationship after separation.

  • How it may affect your divorce settlement

Entering a relationship with someone immediately after a split could prompt your spouse to claim this as evidence of adultery. They could file an action for alienation of affection or criminal conversation if they have evidence that you and your partner had sexual contact during the marriage. It could dramatically reduce the assets you receive in your property distribution decree.

  • How it may affect child custody orders

Your dating life could also affect your custody and visitation rights if you have children. The court might restrict access to your children if they believe that your romantic relationship is not in the best interest of the child.

  • Where your children will stay

If your new relationship becomes serious enough that you and your paramour move in together, you will need to consider living arrangements for your kids. The parenting schedule you create with your partner or receive from the judge must address the children’s primary and secondary residences.

  • Your relationship with your spouse

Separating or divorcing is almost always easiest if you have courteous relations with your spouse. Though you should not let your relationship with your spouse control your love life, keep in mind that dating someone new may change the dynamic of you and your spouse’s relationship.

Discuss Your Situation With A Caring Attorney

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