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Protect Your Freedom When Facing Weapons Charges

Last updated on June 1, 2022

Weapons charges are very serious. Even though North Carolina’s courts tend to rule in favor of Second Amendment rights, the state still regulates arms very strictly. Any crime involving a weapon can result in expensive fines, jail time or the permanent loss of your gun rights.

The weapons offense lawyers at Scott Law Group, believe in standing up for the rights of clients in Kernersville and throughout the Piedmont Triad.

Defense For Firearm Offenses In The Winston-Salem Area

Our firm has years of experience successfully defending clients against severe allegations, including:

  • Possession of a firearm with a felony or a domestic violence order
  • Possession of a firearm without a permit
  • Possession of banned weapons
  • Concealed-carry violations
  • Selling or purchasing weapons unlawfully
  • Committing a crime with a firearm or dangerous weapon

We will help you protect your rights as a defendant, protect your Second Amendment rights and protect your freedom.

Weapons Charges Also Affect Your Parental Rights

A conviction — or even an allegation — of a weapons crime can negatively impact your custody and visitation rights. The judge and your child’s co-parent may believe that the children are not safe in your care. This is especially true in cases of alleged domestic violence involving a weapon.

To protect your right to physical custody and unsupervised visitation time with your kids, work with Scott Law Group. We will not only defend you against criminal allegations, but also will work with the family court to uphold your parental rights.

What Is An Aggravating Factor?

According to North Carolina gun laws,  the use of a weapon is an aggravating factor, or a factor that deserves a harsher sentence. When a crime involves the use or threat of use of a weapon, the charge instantly becomes more serious. In fact, most weapons offenses are felonies.

Fortunately, by explaining your circumstances, presenting mitigating factors and challenging the allegations, we can often persuade the District Attorney’s office to reduce an aggravated charge to a simple charge.

Stand Up And Protect Your Rights

Contact our office in Kernersville to get the help of a defense attorney. We will explain the next steps to protecting your rights. To schedule a consultation, call 336-310-8569 (or toll-free at 800-566-2907) or send us an email.