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Answering Your Questions About DWI Defense

Facing a DWI charge is never easy. You no doubt feel concerned for your future and frightened of what might come.

Fortunately, the legal team at Scott Law Group, has years of experience providing strong, reassuring criminal defense for clients just like you. We will guide you calmly through every step of your DWI, constantly striving for the best outcome available.

You probably have many questions about DWIs in North Carolina — especially if this is your first charge. We have written this DWI defense FAQ, which will answer some of the questions we hear most frequently from clients in the Winston-Salem area and statewide.

1. What are the criminal penalties of a DWI?

North Carolina has several consequences for a DWI conviction. These range in severity, depending on the number of previous offenses you have. If you do not have any prior alcohol-related convictions, the court may show leniency. But if you have one or more alcohol-related convictions, it will not be as forgiving.

  • Some of the consequences of a DWI include:
  • Loss of your license for one to four years
  • Permanent loss of your license
  • A fine of $200-$10,000
  • Completion of a substance abuse program
  • Jail time of at least one year

2. What are the other costs of a DWI?

Having a DWI or DUI on your record can have hidden costs. For example, a conviction could:

  • Add points to your license
  • Revoke your driving privileges
  • Make you late for your job, if you have to rely on other transportation
  • Result in penalties at school
  • Limit your career prospects
  • Reduce your custody or visitation rights
  • Damage your reputation

3. Will I lose my professional license after a DWI? Will I be kicked out of college after a DWI?

If you are a doctor, nurse, mental health clinician, teacher or service member, your employer may decide to fire you for a DWI. Worse, your professional licensing board could take disciplinary action, including suspending or revoking your license.

Many colleges and universities also take disciplinary action against students who get in trouble with the law. At such a promising time in your life, you do not want to ruin your educational career because of alcohol or controlled substances.

4. Why do I need a lawyer after a DWI charge?

Do not leave your DWI or DUI case to fate, and do not attempt to handle it yourself. Many people decide to shrug and hope for the best or try to navigate the criminal justice system themselves, only to make a critical mistake.

Working with a DWI attorney gives you the best chance for the best outcome available. Your attorney can help with the administrative steps, completing paperwork, meeting deadlines and defending your rights.

5. How will a DWI affect my custody rights?

The family law system does not look kindly on criminal convictions. A judge might believe that a parent who has a DWI or DUI may endanger their children by drinking and driving. The court could dramatically reduce the time that you get to spend with your kids.

Ask More Questions, Get More Answers

These are probably only a few of the questions you have. Contact Scott Law Group, in Kernersville to schedule a consultation where you can ask all your questions to a lawyer. To make a consultation, call 336-310-8569 (toll-free at 800-566-2907) or send us an email. We handle DWI defense in the Winston-Salem metro area and throughout North Carolina.