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Understanding How Mediation Eases the Pain of Divorce

Understanding ALL of your options when dissolving a marriage can make the process quicker and less costly. Mediation is an alternative to litigation that couples can choose that provides both parties with a greater amount of control over the course of the divorce agreement.  The Scott Law Group has shown you 13 Ways to Avoid the Pain & Expense of Divorce & Separation.  Mediation is a tool that the Scott Law Group suggests to further limit those costs.

Family Law and Estate Planning - Willing Your Assets

One thing that tends to be overlooked in a lot of family law cases is the distribution of your assets once you die. It doesn't matter if you are young or simply young at heart, protecting your assets is very important. If you had will during your marriage, chances are your ex-spouse probably got your share of everything. It's what attorneys refer to as a mutual reciprocal will and it simply means that you and your spouse give the other one all of your stuff once you die. If you didn't have a will during your marriage, there is still the possibility that your now ex-spouse could get some of your possessions upon your death.

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