We Are A Local Practice Committed To Helping You Stand Up To Criminal Charges

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, the laws of the United States and North Carolina guarantee you a fair trial, assuming that you are innocent until proven guilty. At this crossroads, you need representation that has the skill, experience and track record for success to protect you, fighting to keep you out of jail and preserving other important rights.

As Your Lawyers, We Are Here To Defend Your Rights And Interests

At Scott Law Group, PLLC, we are committed to providing clients a defense that is built on diligent preparation, customized legal guidance and an intimate knowledge of criminal law. We represent clients throughout North Carolina and provide defense in all criminal charges, including:

  • Precharge representation and advisement, as well as bond hearings
  • DWI/drunk driving
  • Larceny and embezzlement
  • Traffic violations
  • Underage alcohol possession
  • Driver's license suspension, restoration and DMV hearings
  • Assault
  • Drug offenses
  • Sexually related offenses
  • Weapon offenses
  • Domestic violence
  • Expungements

Our criminal defense lawyers are equipped to handle any criminal charges that you may face and are knowledgeable of the potential tactics the prosecution uses to put you behind bars. This understanding of what the prosecution will likely bring allows us to proactively counter these efforts, fighting to protect your liberties. Our lead attorney, Bobby Scott, brings a wealth of experience, including serving as an assistant district attorney for Guilford County and as a captain in the U.S. Army Reserves J.A.G. Corps.

Choosing to fight the charges yourself or with a law firm that is not experienced or prepared to take your case to trial is a great risk and one that often ends badly for the accused.

If you have been charged with a crime or suspect that you will be, it is important that you immediately find a defense attorney prepared to protect your rights.

No Charge Is Too Big Or Too Small For Our Team

We are equipped to handle sex crimes, including indecent liberties with minors, child pornography, rape, indecent exposure, child sexual abuse, public masturbation and solicitation. These are difficult criminal charges to counter and the consequences are high, including a possible lifelong registration on the sex offender registry. You need the best criminal defense attorney available. We understand these crimes and the potential defenses. We have the experience and skill you need to achieve the best possible outcome against these charges.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss the criminal charges you are facing, call our Kernersville law firm right away at 336-310-8569 or toll free at 800-566-2907. If you prefer to reach us via email, complete our online contact form.