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Guiding You Through Your Divorce And Toward A Better Tomorrow

Divorce poses significant emotional and financial risks to both spouses. It is important that you are represented by an attorney who understands your individual goals and concerns, providing an approach that prioritizes those while protecting your interests.

For years, families and individuals throughout North Carolina have come to trust the guidance and legal direction from Scott Law Group, through some of the most difficult legal and personal times of their lives.

Protect Yourself And Your Long-Term Interests

We provide guidance and representation to families and individuals in the Winston-Salem area and statewide as they face the following hurdles within divorce proceedings:

  • Understanding absolute divorce, divorce from bed and board as well as separation agreements
  • The amount of time a divorce and other related issues can take
  • Property division (equitable distribution of marital assets)
  • Property settlement agreements
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Domestic violence and restraining orders
  • Equitable distribution and alimony
  • Custody, visitation and child support
  • Alienation of affection and criminal conversation
  • Costs and attorney fees related to divorce
  • Alternative resolutions such as mediation or negotiation
  • New wills and updating other estate planning instruments and documents

We will guide you through how these decisions will affect your personal and financial future, as well as that of your children. Each divorce is different, framed by unique circumstances and individuals. We customize our approach to your specific needs, protecting your interests and advocating for the best outcome for you and your children.

Some General Suggestions From An Attorney Who Understands

The facts surrounding your family law case are unique from any other. Your well-meaning friends may offer you advice about your case. Frequently, such advice is not accurate and you should be cautious in following it. Custody and alimony proceedings are very emotional and parties sometimes use them to seek revenge. Sometimes, one parent will use the children in an attempt to punish the other parent. Prepare your children properly without poisoning their minds about your spouse. Obtain professional advice as necessary. If you need assistance in locating a qualified psychologist either for yourself or the children let us know. Continue to cooperate with your spouse where the children’s best interests are involved. Do not discuss with anyone the confidential matters involved in your case as friends often pass information to the other party.

As your representatives, we strongly suggest that you follow the above advice. We have specific reasons for all of the advice that we give to you and if we fail to explain these reasons adequately, please ask us for clarifications.

When You Need A Lawyer, We Are Here For You

We assist with all aspects of the divorce process, educating you along the way and allowing you to make informed decisions on what is best for you and your children. We will guide you step by step, remaining readily available to provide answers and information.

We seek to achieve results on behalf of our clients in the most efficient manner possible through negotiation and arbitration, avoiding excess costs or strain. Should the matter require litigation, however, our lawyers are prepared to fight for your interests in court.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss how we can walk you through divorce, we invite you to call our Kernersville law firm today at 336-310-8569 or 800-566-2907 or contact us via email by completing our contact form. We serve Winston-Salem, the Piedmont Triad and beyond.