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Fall’s Legal Pitfalls: Protecting Your Home or Business in North Carolina’s Autumn Landscape

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Firm News |

As North Carolina’s vibrant fall season draws near in North Carolina, it’s not just the leaves that are changing. This picturesque time of year brings several hidden risks that can affect both households and businesses during this beautiful time of year. We’ll examine typical fall-related dangers and how they might affect you.

Recognizing the Seasonal Hazards

Slippery Leaves: While the vibrant leaves that cover your property can be charming when they get wet, they can turn dangerously slick, endangering customers and visitors.
Walkway and Sidewalk dangers: Trips, falls, and potential injuries can result from uneven, cracked, and covered leaves dangers.
Lack of Lighting: As the days get shorter in the fall, lack of outside lighting can make it difficult for people to perceive possible threats, increasing the risk of accidents on your property.

Managing Risks for Businesses and Homeowners

Regular Maintenance: During the fall season, homeowners and businesses should prioritize regular maintenance. To lower the chance of accidents, rake leaves and other debris off of walkways and parking lots.
Proper Lighting: Especially in high-traffic areas, make sure your property is well-lit. Accidents can be avoided, and risks can be seen more clearly, with enough lighting.
Property inspections: Perform routine inspections to spot potential risks like cracked sidewalks or uneven surfaces and take appropriate action.
Warning signs or barriers: Alert customers and visitors to potential risks if you are aware of problems that cannot be promptly fixed.

The Possible Legal Consequences

Liability Issues: It is your duty as a landlord or business owner to keep your property safe for guests and patrons. If someone is hurt on your property as a result of your neglecting this obligation, you may be held legally liable.
Injury Claims: A person may file a personal injury claim if they sustain an injury on your property as a result of a fall-related hazard. Legal action and possible financial liability may follow from this.
Considerations Regarding Insurance: Ensure that your insurance coverage is sufficient to defend you from potential liability claims. Review your plans with your insurance provider.

Taking Action Following an Event

Assist Right Away: If someone is hurt on your property, make sure they get prompt medical attention.
Record the Scene: Take pictures of the injury’s hazard, the surrounding area, and any warning signs or barriers that were present.
Report the Incident: Immediately notify your insurance company of the incident, and if required, get legal advice to learn more about your legal rights and potential obligations.

It’s important for homeowners and business owners to be aware of the hidden dangers that come with welcoming North Carolina’s fall splendor. You can defend yourself against prospective legal claims by taking proactive steps to reduce risks and guarantee the security of your property.


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