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Did your child's divorce leave your grandchildren in your care?

As a grandparent, you likely look forward to any time you get to spend with your grandchildren. Those kids may bring a great joy to your life and allow you to spread your love in a way that makes you feel needed and important. Of course, being a grandparent can also have its difficult points, especially when your child ends his or her marriage or may not have the ability to properly care for your grandchildren.

Marijuana possession laws decriminalized in North Carolina

You may be one of many North Carolina residents who are hoping for nationwide, federal and state legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. You may already be aware that penalties under conviction of a marijuana crime in this state used to be much more severe. Medical use of cannabis is not exempt in this state; however, possession of marijuana less than one-half ounce now carries a maximum fine of $200.

Over The Counter Drug Abuse

When a conversation turns to drug abuse, most people automatically consider the impact of illegal, controlled substances such as marijuana, cocaine or heroin. However, more and more cases center on strong over the counter (OTC) medications that are being abused or illegally altered.

Moving (With Your Children) Out Of State After A Divorce

To say that circumstances change after a divorce is certainly not painting an accurate picture. More realistically – everything changes after a divorce. Splitting one household into two is never easy, and might lead to unforeseen challenges for both parties. When one individual’s circumstances change dramatically, though, it’s time to get involved in the legal process once again.

Holidays And A Long-Distance Visitation Schedule

The legal process can be complex when discussing parental relocation and finding a parenting time compromise can be challenging without the guidance of a skilled family law attorney. Once the children reach school-age, however, the long distance visitation schedule can take a dramatic turn. The most complicated element of a long distance visitation schedule lies in discussing holidays.

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