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Debunking the Top 5 Divorce Myths in North Carolina

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Going through a divorce in North Carolina can be an emotional and stressful experience. The last thing anyone needs is navigating through myths and misconceptions about the divorce process.

Here, we aim to clear the air by debunking these top 5 divorce myths in NC, helping you understand the basic process of divorce in North Carolina with clarity and peace of mind.

Myth 1: All Divorces in NC End in Heated Courtroom Battles

While many assume divorce inevitably leads to bitter courtroom fights, this is not always the case in North Carolina, In fact:

  • Couples often reach settlements through negotiation, mediation or arbitration.
  • These alternative dispute resolution methods can save time, money, and emotional energy.
  • Many divorces are settled without ever stepping foot in a courtroom.

Myth 2: Divorce Means Cutting All Ties With Your Ex

If you have children together, you will still you’ll still need to co-parent and see your ex regularly on the practical matters of raising children.

  • Commit to putting your kids’ best interest first in all decisions.
  • Don’t use your kids as messengers between you and your ex. It puts them in the middle.
  • Even after your kids are grown, you will still occasionally see your ex at holidays, graduations, weddings and other life events.

Myth 3: The Mother Always Gets Custody of the Children

While it was once more common for mothers to be granted custody, times have changed:

  • Courts now focus on the best interests of the child, without a preset preference for one parent.
  • Joint custody arrangements promoting co-parenting are increasingly common.
  • Fathers have equal legal rights to actively pursue and obtain custody.

Myth 4: You Can Deny Visitation If Your Ex Doesn’t Pay Child Support

Child support and visitation are separate issues in the eyes of NC law:

  • Withholding visitation rights can lead to legal consequences.
  • If a parent fails to pay child support, take legal action through the courts.

 Myth 5: Divorce Means the Marriage Was a Failure

Many people believe that divorce is synonymous with failure, but this is not a healthy perspective:

  • Sometimes, divorce is the healthiest option for all parties involved, including the children.
  • It can be an opportunity for growth and a chance to lead a happier life.
  • Successful co-parenting and mutual respect can emerge from the dissolution of a marriage.

Navigating Divorce? Experienced NC Divorce Lawyers Can Guide You

Remember, each divorce situation is unique. Seeking the advice of a compassionate legal professional can be a helpful step in navigating your own situation. By understanding the realities of divorce rather than the myths, you can make informed decisions that are right for you and your family. Don’t try to go through this difficult transition alone based on misconceptions. Look for an experienced family law attorney today.


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