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URGENT CRISIS INFORMATION | Have a family member or loved one in jail because they can’t post bond?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Community Outreach, Criminal Defense |

Amid the current COVID-19 outbreak, urgent measures are underway to reduce the potential spread of the virus among our N.C. county jails. One way to alleviate the spread is to reduce the bail requirements.

Right now, local district attorney’s offices are looking to reduce county jail population before the outbreak is an issue and are motivated to release good candidates.

Regardless of your situation, if you would like to speak to us about bond reduction or pre-trial release, please contact our office at (336) 310-8569. Our attorneys are available for a FREE telephone conference, during regular office hours. Everyone deserves to be safe and given proper care during this difficult time, including you and your loved ones.


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