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Raising Children After Divorce

A recent post to Facebook post about an ex-husband that goes to his ex-wife's house on her birthday to make her breakfast with their children caught my attention. For those that have not seen the actual post, here is the link to Billy Flynn's Facebook Post. It got me thinking about the relationships between parents that are not married or are no longer married. The most important thing to remember is that you and your ex-partner are going to forever be linked because of the children. I have come up with 5 tips for ensuring that your relationship with your ex-partner does not interfere with your children's ability to grow into healthy adults:

Divorce and Separation - 13 Ways to Avoid the Pain & Expense

Over my years of practice with divorce and separation, I have found that clients that are educated in how to handle certain situations are generally more prepared for what I have to tell them. I have created the following list of 13 Ways to Avoid the Pain and Expense of Divorce. This list is in no way complete and there may be things on this list that don't actually apply to you or your situations.

Ending Electronic Harassment - Civil Remedies

With increasing frequency, our divorce and child custody clients have been seeking advice on unpleasant situations that have arisen through modern methods of communication. Too often, they have been the subject of disparaging Facebook posts, threatening text messages, or incessant phone calls. Fortunately, there are several legal options clients can pursue to put an end to, and hold the offending party accountable for, unwelcome and inappropriate use of social media, electronic communication, and telephone calls.

Why do I need a separation agreement? Part One - Inheritance Rights

There are numerous reasons why entering into a separation and property settlement agreement upon or shortly after separation from a spouse is prudent. In this and my next few posts I'll explore a few of these reasons most people contemplating separation haven't even considered.

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