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Make a child custody plan work for your children

Your children might feel insecure and unsure about what is going to happen when they find out that their parents are divorcing. At this junction, you and your ex will have to do what you can to reassure them that life will continue once everything settles after the divorce. It is vitally important that you find ways to help the children find the stability and consistency that they can rely on.

Would 'nesting' custody work for your family?

Child custody norms have changed considerably over the past decades. Moms used to traditionally have primary custody of the kids, with dads spending weekends and maybe a weeknight with them. Now parents are more likely to split their time evenly with the kids. However, this means a lot of moving back and forth between two homes for those children.

Understanding the difference between the types of child custody

Child custody is an important issue that millions of people have to deal with each year. Marriages end. Relationships fizzle. Parents fail to get along with each other. All of these are reasons for child custody battles to occur in Winston-Salem. Many parents enter these battles without knowing exactly what child custody is or how it is handled by family law courts.

Kids should be able to share milestones with divorced parents

One of the most challenging aspects of divorce for parents is how to share celebrations in their children's lives -- from birthdays to graduations to weddings. Parents and other family members from both sides often find a way to put their animosity aside and share in these momentous occasions. However, the smaller celebrations should not be neglected.

Holidays And A Long-Distance Visitation Schedule

The legal process can be complex when discussing parental relocation and finding a parenting time compromise can be challenging without the guidance of a skilled family law attorney. Once the children reach school-age, however, the long distance visitation schedule can take a dramatic turn. The most complicated element of a long distance visitation schedule lies in discussing holidays.

What is "the best interest of the child?"

If you have been involved in a child custody case, I am sure that you have heard either your lawyer or the Judge refer to the "best interest of the child" and wondered what that exactly meant. I am also sure that you are wondering why the Judge gets to determine the best interest of your child.

Child Custody - 7 Tips for Surviving Summer with your Ex

Now that Memorial Day is upon us, so is the start of summer. The start of summer also means the end of school, summer vacations and, quite often, great amounts of phone calls to the office about child custody and visitation issues. Having experienced this for a long period of time, I have put together this list of 7 tips to help you survive this summer. These tips, however, are not just for summer.

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