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Supporting your kids in the new school year as divorced parents

If this is your kids' first fall back at school since your separation or divorce, or if they're starting a new school this year, it's essential for you and your co-parent to have a plan in place. Your plan should include things like how you'll handle drop-offs and pick-ups, homework assignments and projects, school lunches, field trips, parent-teacher conferences and more.

If you're sharing custody, you'll both have some involvement in your kids' school activities. Despite your differences with one another, it's essential to work together to give your kids the support they need to succeed and thrive at school -- both academically and socially.

Parent-teacher conferences give parents valuable insight into how their kids are doing and if there are any problems they need to address. They also help teachers understand more about kids' lives outside of the classroom, and what challenges they may be facing at home.

It's generally preferable when co-parents attend these meetings together. This is a time to focus on your children -- not to rehash your own issues or blame each other for your kids' problems.

If you and your co-parent can't handle these conferences together, you should each arrange to meet with the teacher separately. These individual meetings still need to focus on your kids and not on what's wrong with your co-parent.

Staying on top of your kids' homework assignments and school projects can be challenging when they're splitting their time across two homes. Even if you were the main disciplinarian when it came to homework, grades and school performance while you and your co-parent were together, it's crucial that the two of you have the same expectations of your kids now. This could include rules about getting homework done before TV or video game time, regardless of whose home they're in. This consistent enforcement of rules, even if kids rebel against it, can be reassuring to them.

If you are having difficulty staying in the loop on your children's school performance, assignments and projects because your co-parent isn't communicating with you, and you can't resolve the issue yourselves, you may need to talk with your North Carolina family law attorney. They can help you seek modifications or additions to your parenting time or other agreements.

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