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August 2018 Archives

Have you run into legal problems on campus related to drugs?

North Carolina colleges are busy places with people from different backgrounds living alongside one another, each striving to accomplish personal goals. Perhaps you've forged several new friendships since settling in on campus. There are likely a lot of different types of activities to keep you busy in your free time as well.

Don't let unconscious bias lead to a discrimination lawsuit

You've recently started a business. Things are looking promising. You will soon need to hire more people to help keep up with your success and plans for growth. You'll likely also be promoting people who have been with you from the start to more senior positions with greater responsibility. The last thing you need is an accusation of discrimination in your employment decisions.

What might make a non-disclosure agreement unenforceable?

Businesses often require employees and others who work for them, such as independent contractors, to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). They can protect information about the company, including trade secrets and other intellectual property, from getting into the hands of those who could profit from it or use it to hurt the business and its owners.

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