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Is your loved one facing charges due to a heroin addiction?

While you may have known from a young age that you should avoid illegal substances, you may have a close family member who did not heed the warnings. As a result, you have watched him or her struggle with addiction and wonder how you could potentially help. Sometimes, you may have feared that he or she was too far gone for help.

Substances like heroin can have major effects on a person's physical and mental well-being. Because of these impacts, individuals with a substance abuse problem commonly act out of their normal character, which could often lead to serious health and legal issues.

Getting hooked

It is an unfortunate reality that addiction to heroin could start out due to using prescription painkillers. Of course, this type of problem can also come about in other ways, but perhaps your loved one suffered an injury, received a prescription for Vicodin or similar medication, and became hooked. After using for some time, he or she may have moved on to a harder substance, like heroin.

Health problems

The health problems associated with extensive use of heroin can have major impacts on a person's body. For example, you may have recognized some of the following issues in your loved one:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Antisocial behaviors
  • Slipping in and out of consciousness
  • Vomiting
  • Collapsed veins
  • Pneumonia

Of course, your loved one may also suffer from other less obvious issues like liver and kidney problems, damaged nasal tissue, and heart infections. In more serious cases, an overdose could even take place that can have serious or even fatal outcomes.


Unfortunately, because heroin is such an addictive substance, individuals can have an immensely difficult time beating the addiction. Even if parties do choose to stop using, they may face immediate negative side effects like vomiting, cold flashes, bone pain and cravings for the substance. In many cases, the cravings and negative side effects become too much to handle, and the person goes back to using.

Criminal charges

Individuals with substance abuse problems often end up facing criminal drug charges as well. If your loved one is in such a predicament, you may want to help him or her gain the legal information and assistance needed to effectively address the situation and hopefully help your loved one receive treatment for the abuse problem.

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