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July 2018 Archives

Mediation is a peaceful option for divorce

Like many North Carolina couples who are considering divorce, you probably have enough conflict in your life right now. It is likely you and your spouse are not getting along, but you are also dealing with your parents, in-laws, mutual friends and even your children who are giving you grief about the end of your marriage. Anticipating a long, difficult legal battle is not an appealing prospect.

What does a non-custodial parent's visitation schedule look like?

If your co-parent is getting sole custody of your children and you have visitation rights, it's essential to craft a visitation schedule that allows you and your kids to forge a healthy relationship as they grow up even though you won't be part of their everyday lives.

You could be prosecuted for a loved one's overdose death

As law enforcement professionals work to combat the opioid epidemic that's gripping large parts the country, people who provide drugs to someone who overdoses or are even around while the person took the drugs are increasingly being prosecuted for homicide and similar crimes. This includes not just dealers, but friends and family members.

Avoiding negligence claims in the trucking industry

If you own a trucking company, you know how difficult it is these days to get qualified, experienced drivers. Many companies are relaxing their rules and hiring younger and/or older drivers than they did in the past. They may not be able to meet the demand for their services without hiring drivers who don't have pristine driving records or don't have many hours behind the wheel of large commercial trucks.

Is your loved one facing charges due to a heroin addiction?

While you may have known from a young age that you should avoid illegal substances, you may have a close family member who did not heed the warnings. As a result, you have watched him or her struggle with addiction and wonder how you could potentially help. Sometimes, you may have feared that he or she was too far gone for help.

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