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Did your child's divorce leave your grandchildren in your care?

As a grandparent, you likely look forward to any time you get to spend with your grandchildren. Those kids may bring a great joy to your life and allow you to spread your love in a way that makes you feel needed and important. Of course, being a grandparent can also have its difficult points, especially when your child ends his or her marriage or may not have the ability to properly care for your grandchildren.

When your child goes through divorce, you likely understand that he or she will have many difficult decisions to make, and when it comes to child custody, you may have concerns of your own. You may wonder if you will see your grandchildren less often or if you will have the ability to see them at all. On the other hand, a divorce may prove so difficult on your child that your grandchildren end up staying with you for a majority of the time.

Emotional difficulties of divorce

Even if the custody arrangements allow for you to still see your grandchildren regularly or at least not dramatically less often than before the divorce, you may still face emotional difficulties. For instance, you may face the burden of wondering whether any actions you carry out with your grandchildren will be viewed as negative by your child's former spouse. If that parent views you as a threat to his or her authority, you may fear that he or she will attempt to keep your grandchildren from you.

Of course, you will likely also worry about how your grandchildren, as well as your child, are dealing with the divorce themselves. Because many new adjustments will need to be made in order to contend with the various emotions everyone will undoubtedly feel, you may want to remain as positive as possible for the sake of your grandchildren and avoid displaying any animosity regarding their other parent.

Taking in your grandchildren

Because you love your child and grandchildren a great deal, you may want to immediately agree to become a permanent or semi-permanent home for your grandchildren in the event that your child needs help. However, this arrangement can take its toll, and depending on your age, you may not have the physical or monetary ability to properly care for those kids. Additionally, if you do not understand your rights as a grandparent, you may find out too late that you lack the ability to make certain decisions for your grandkids.

Fortunately, you can take steps to ensure that you obtain the right to make important decisions for your grandchildren in the event that they become permanent residents in your home due to divorce or due to unhealthy arrangements with their biological parents. However, this process may prove complex, and information on your legal options may be beneficial.

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