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April 2018 Archives

Some tips for when your co-parent gets a new significant other

One of the most biggest changes that divorced couples face in their co-parenting relationship is when one of them gets a new significant other who becomes part of the kids' lives. Despite whatever conflicted feelings this may bring up for you, it's important to encourage your kids to accept and get along with this new person. After all, you'd want your ex to do the same for you. The more adults your kids have in their lives who care about them, the better off they'll be.

The case against nondisclosure agreements

Businesses that deal in products where intellectual property is key often require all employees (and sometimes even people who interview for jobs) to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). These documents bind the parties who sign them from disclosing or misusing confidential information they become privy to as part of their work.

Go slowly when building a blended family

Many divorced parents have no interest in getting into a new romantic relationship for some time after their marriage ends. They're still adjusting to their new lives. Often they want to be single for awhile. More importantly, they don't want to introduce a new significant other into their children's lives.

Did your child's divorce leave your grandchildren in your care?

As a grandparent, you likely look forward to any time you get to spend with your grandchildren. Those kids may bring a great joy to your life and allow you to spread your love in a way that makes you feel needed and important. Of course, being a grandparent can also have its difficult points, especially when your child ends his or her marriage or may not have the ability to properly care for your grandchildren.

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