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Marijuana possession laws decriminalized in North Carolina

You may be one of many North Carolina residents who are hoping for nationwide, federal and state legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. You may already be aware that penalties under conviction of a marijuana crime in this state used to be much more severe. Medical use of cannabis is not exempt in this state; however, possession of marijuana less than one-half ounce now carries a maximum fine of $200.

Police would have to find you with an ounce and a half before you'd ever face felony charges. If you support cannabis legalization, you might be happy about that, since some states still consider all possession or use of marijuana a criminal offense. The tricky part is that state and federal statutes often conflict. If you travel to another state, you are immediately subject to their laws concerning marijuana, which can make things difficult if you go from a state where it's legal to one where it's not.

Hope for Haley and other North Carolina marijuana laws

The HB766 law passed in 2015. The bill that proposed the law was written on behalf of a young girl who suffered a terrible seizure disorder caused by intractable epilepsy. This law allows for restricted use of cannabidiol to treat seizures. The following list provides additional information about this and other marijuana issues in this state:

  • HB766 did not make all medical use of marijuana legal in North Carolina.
  • The confines under which cannabidiol is permitted under HB766 are so strict and limited that most supporters of marijuana legalization do not consider this state among those who allow medical use of the drug.
  • Other efforts to propose laws to allow a broader use of medical marijuana have not succeeded so far.

It's tough to stay updated on current marijuana laws because they are always changing. If you visited or lived in another state where you could grow, sell, buy or use marijuana for any reason, you may have been shocked to come to North Carolina and learn that things are not that way here. You may also have run into some legal trouble if police pulled you over in a traffic stop and you had some herb in your car because you thought it was okay.

Support is available if that happens

Defense attorneys are well-versed in current drug laws throughout the state. Even if you face marijuana charges, this doesn't necessarily mean the court will hand down a conviction. Every situation is unique and no outcome is 100 percent predictable. Many people have relied on such attorneys to help them overcome problems associated with marijuana laws.

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