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Holidays And A Long-Distance Visitation Schedule

The legal process can be complex when discussing parental relocation and finding a parenting time compromise can be challenging without the guidance of a skilled family law attorney. Once the children reach school-age, however, the long distance visitation schedule can take a dramatic turn. The most complicated element of a long distance visitation schedule lies in discussing holidays.

What Is A Long-Distance Holiday Schedule?

Too often, people equate the term "holiday" with the end of the year festivities. In a broader sense, however, this term can simply refer to "time spent away from school" such as spring or summer breaks ... or even a long weekend.

  • Three-day weekends: It is not uncommon for schools to be closed for government holidays or teaching events. These days are often scheduled well in advance, so accounting for a long weekend in the visitation agreement should be expected.
  • Spring and fall break: For the most part, parents agree that the nonresidential parent should have visitation rights for all or most of the school break.
  • Thanksgiving and winter break: These can be handled in much the same way as spring and fall breaks. Many parents choose to either alternate the vacation days during the year or simply alternate years.

While reaching a parenting time compromise can be challenging, these factors are compounded when parents must move apart from each other. Relocation is a reality in our world based on job searches or the desire to be closer to family or friends. After a relocation, there are elements that must be addressed, including:

  • Who will make the travel arrangements?
  • How is travel time accounted for?
  • Who will pay the travel expenses?
  • If air travel is necessary, will the custodial parent travel with the child?

The best advice we can provide is to assertively address these issues. Do not simply wait until there is a problem and then scramble to resolve it. By working proactively, you can identify and address issues in your custody arrangement well in advance of a problem.

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