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Children and Divorce - Spending Quality Time with your Children

One of the greatest things you can do as a parent is spend time with your child. While it is much more difficult as a single parent, there are certain activities that you can do with your child that will allow for you to spend quality time with your child while helping them grow as individuals. Unlike certain sports activities, these activities are designed to have you, as a parent, assist your child in their achievements.

For boys, one of the best things to do with them, is scouts. First off, when your child is a cub scout, elementary school aged, you cannot just drop him off and leave. Quite often your den leader will require your assistance in completing tasks and planning for future meetings, which means that you will not be able to leave your son at the meeting without you. At meetings the boys, and their parents, will learn about things, such as, woodworking, forensics, cooking, and auto repair. As a scout, your son will get to do things like participate in a flag retirement ceremony and go camping.

Specifically about camping with the scouts. Every scout is required to have a parent with them to go on a camping trip. When you go camping, it allows for you and your son to participate in activities that they may not have an opportunity to do elsewhere. Activities like archery, bb gun shooting, sling-shot shooting, whittling/wood carving and hiking where your son can learn from certified instructors. The scouts will also have to work on packing for a camping trip, set up their tent, build fires and, quite possibly, cook.

Once your child becomes a boy scout, sixth grade and older, your assistance may be less necessary as the purpose of boy scouts is to grow your son into a young man. You can take solace in knowing that you raised your son into the young man that he is.

As for daughters, girl scouts is a great organization to join. Unlike dance classes or sports, parents are encouraged to assist the troop in their activities. Much like cub scouts, there are weekly activities in order to work toward badges, while empowering girls to pursue different interests. The Girl Scouts have evolved into an organization that encourages girls to break stereotypes and traditional roles and pursue their dreams. One big example is their cookie sales. By encouraging girls to sell cookies they are taught entrepreneurship, and valuable lessons in economics like supply and demand, distribution and sales. All valuable lessons that, in turn, teach young women to be confident in whatever they choose to do.

Both of these activities are low cost, but high in adventure and quality time with your children. Not that sports or dance are bad activities for your children, cub scouts and girl scouts just allow for more quality time with your child while helping them grow as individuals. If you want more information in joining scouting go to for Cub/Boy Scouts or to to learn more about girl scouting. From these websites you can find a pack or troop near you.

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