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How Do I File For Child Support in Winston-Salem?

Thumbnail image for Winston-Salem-spousal-and-child-support.jpgTo establish child support through the Court, you must file a civil action asking the Court to set child support pursuant to the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. 

Obtaining Child Support In Winston-Salem Civil Court

You can file for child support on your own or with the assistance of an experienced North Carolina child support attorney. In some cases, the Forsyth county Department of Social Services can assist you in the event that you qualify for services based on your level of financial need. If you receive public assistance such as food stamps or WIC, the Department of Social Services will assist you with obtaining a child support order against the non-custodial parent.

Representing Yourself In A North Carolina Child Custody Case

In North Carolina, you also have the option to represent yourself in a child custody case. If you decide to represent yourself, the presiding judge will expect you to follow North Carolina rules of evidence and procedure. These rules are difficult for a non-lawyer to understand and follow. Also, remember that the judge hearing your case is not allowed to give you advice or assist with the presentation of your evidence. The court clerk or other personnel, including law enforcement, also cannot give you legal advice or represent your interests in court. Only a licensed attorney can assist you with the preparation and presentation of your case in the most effective way possible.

Obtaining Child Support in Forsyth County Criminal Court

Under North Carolina law, it is a misdemeanor criminal offense if a parent "willfully" refuses to provide adequate child support for their natural or adopted children. In the event that a person is convicted of this crime, the Court has the authority to order support to be paid in an amount which will meet the reasonable needs of the minor children. The Court may also order the non-supporting parent to serve time in jail, pay a fine and be placed on probation.

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