Get The Facts Regarding Fathers' And Grandparents' Rights

In the past, it was often assumed that in custody disputes, mothers would be favored — but things have changed. Fathers as well as grandparents have options for asserting their rights. At Scott Law Group, PLLC, we can help you understand the law, your rights and take meaningful steps to protecting your relationship with your child or grandchild.

What Are Grandparents' Rights?

Many grandparents assume that they do not have legal custody or visitation rights with their grandchildren. Increasingly, however, courts are granting these rights to grandparents and caregivers. Many times, a child will be left with a grandparent or other relative. In these situations, the grandparent needs rights to make legal, medical and educational decisions for the child. In other circumstances, a grandparent or relative may suspect that the child is in danger or in an unhealthy situation caused by the biological parents.

Gaining grandparent or other third-party rights is a complex process, however, and you need representation on your side that has the legal understanding and experience to get results. We will take the time to evaluate your situation and the individuals involved, providing an understanding of what you can reasonably expect to achieve.

Our Lawyers Help Fathers Assert Their Rights

North Carolina does not prefer one parent over another in child custody or visitation arrangements. However, after decades of mothers receiving the favor, it can be difficult for many, even the courts, to overcome an unconscious bias toward mothers.

Whether you are a father going through a divorce and are worried about losing custody of your children, or you are unmarried and have concerns about being denied access to your children, our attorneys can work with you. We can explain your rights and fight for your parent-child relationship. We can also help you establish paternity to legally assert your rights as a father.

At our firm, we don't play favorites. We represent mothers, fathers and grandparents with equal passion. We also proudly work with LGBT families in North Carolina. When you need to protect the best interests of the children in your life, we are here, ready to stand with you.

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