Protect Your Driving Privileges If You Have Been Stopped For A Traffic Violation

At some point, nearly everyone gets pulled over for a traffic violation. It's what you choose to do about it that can make a significant difference in whether you're stuck paying fines, facing higher insurance premiums, running the risk of having points added to your license or even losing your driving privileges or facing jail time.

A Lawyer Can Make All The Difference When Defending Your Driving Record

At Scott Law Group, PLLC, our team of attorneys and professionals knows firsthand how diligently the authorities monitor the roads throughout the Piedmont Triad. Whether you're a local who received a ticket or are from out of state and were cited while passing through the area, we can help you understand the potential consequences while taking necessary steps to protect your driving record.

Most people simply want to know how much the fine will cost them so they can pay it and move on with their lives. While this may seem easy enough, the truth is that it's being shortsighted. By simply paying off the ticket, you are pleading guilty as charged and will likely see an increase in your insurance premiums and license points. If you have been cited in the past or are given another ticket in the future, you may accumulate too many points and:

  • Be required to participate in a driver improvement or defensive driving course
  • Have your driver's license suspended, revoked or canceled
  • Pay significant fines to the traffic court and/or the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles
  • Have restrictions placed against your driver's license

Whether you were stopped for speeding, reckless driving, driving with a revoked license or with additional charges in conjunction with a traffic stop such as possession of marijuana or driving with an open container of alcohol, our attorneys and staff can arm you with the information and representation to defend your rights and your driving privileges.

Local Representation From An Experienced, Established Law Firm

No matter if you're from the area or out of state, we can help you deal with your traffic violation right here in North Carolina. Our goal is to help you stay on the road and keep your driving record clean — we will accomplish this by standing with you, looking at all the options and arriving prepared, ready to fight for you.

To learn more about our team and the services we provide, call our Kernersville law office at 336-310-8569 or toll free at 800-566-2907. You can also send us an email by completing our contact form.